Schloss Hof Palace

schlosshof1The grounds of Hof Palace extend over more than 50 hectares of land in eastern Lower Austria. The magnificent ensemble with its lordly palace, beautiful Terraced Garden and idyllic Manor Farm was laid out in the late 1720s as an impressive country home and hunting lodge for Prince Eugene of Savoy. schlosshof2The architect, Johann Lucas von Hildebrandt, was able to draw on practically unlimited resources. His employer, after all, was not only one of the most successful generals but also one of the wealthiest men of his time. Hundreds of labourers, craftsmen and gardeners spent years realising Hildebrandt’s plans. The work was for the most part completed by around 1730, resulting in one of the most impressive architectonic complex of the Baroque period in Europe. (source:

Contact: Opening hours: year 2013: 25.3. – 3.11. daily 10.00 – 18.00
Schloss Hof

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Schloss Hof 48.214740, 16.938760
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